Cebu is a typical tropical destination in the Philippines for its pristine shorelines and unspoiled islands. For the span of years I'm residing here, I see the province as nothing more than that until last year when my eyes unearth the full beauty of Cebu from astonishing caves, ravishing waterfalls, dreamy rivers and mountains that are so enchanting you really thought you're in another world. All thanks to the adventurous people of Project Waterfall  who I've shared such splendid memories in 2015. Join me as I countdown my top 10 off the beaten destinations in Cebu that'll surely win your heart and overwhelm your mind of their mere existence.

Undoubtedly, the main lure why people flock to El Nido is the world class beaches and islands. Rightfully so, they definitely won't disappoint and might even exceed your expectation. The towering limestone karsts and monoliths added a special allure to these nature's spectacle and embed an experience in your life that won't be erased in the sands of time. El Nido is synonymous to these ravishing islands and beaches so that's why this post will feature each one of them and all information you need to know.

Palawan garnered worldwide reputation as a top island destination thanks to the inclusion of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in the new 7 wonders of the world list but this bio-diverse province offers more than what regular people knows of. There's the ever famous Coron Island, and all her natural wonders, in the northern part of the province, the not so known utopia for backpackers the Port Barton for some solitary & budget friendly getaway, the newly discovered paradise in the southern part the municipality of Balabac with all her stunning islands and, last but definitely not the least, the monolithic limestone paradise of El Nido. This destination checks most of my bucket list for what an island paradise should be and no picture can justify the true beauty of El Nido. The hype is real and El Nido rightfully deserves all the attention she receives. I collated all of the necessary information you need of this paradise in this post to get the most out of your stay.

Palawan is a dream destination in the Philippines for many travelers and it rightfully deserves the worldwide reputation the province is savoring nowadays because of its uncanny beauty. The inclusion of Puerto Princesa's Subterranean River in the new 7 wonders list propels the stature of the province even more to the global scenery. I never get tired of arranging group trips no matter how many times it usually fails and Palawan ( mostly the northern part ) is my focus now. I'm going in with another group again and as usual I'm tasked with the itinerary. Here's our sample itinerary that'll hopefully guide you as well in your future trip in such a lovely province. 

I'm such a sucker for sunsets. There's just something so alluring about it that never fail to leave me in a state of awe. Wherever my wayfaring feet brought me any day will never be complete without witnessing a spectacular sunset scene. Be it in a bus navigating a treacherous cliff, a ferry sailing in a vast ocean or up in the sky while in the plane it just commands attention and I'm always happy to oblige. Cebu happens to feature so many jaw-dropping sunset spots and so I made a countdown of the best sunset spots in the province. I've narrowed down the list to five best spots based on the experience I had. I give the specific location where it is best viewed. One of the photos above is the number one. Can you guess what photo is that?

People from all over the world flock to this island paradise for an encounter with the elusive thresher sharks and that is how Malapascua earned her reputation but the island offers so much more than that which will surely surprise you. Unexpectedly, the revelation changed my perception of the island and I was ensnared of such an innate beauty. Besides the long stretch of pristine shores comparable to the top beaches in the country there are numerous coral gardens as well perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. They even have numerous locations of shipwreck with one perfect to snorkel due to its close proximity to the shore averaging around a depth of five meters. I will gather all the relevant information you might need of Malapascua island in this post.

The idyllic island most synonymous to Cebu more than anything else in the province and often compared to the world class shores of Boracay. Bantayan Island offers a recluse to any soul seeking peace with her mesmerizing white beaches and leisure for the party animals in the specific time of the year. Many tropical islands in the province have rise up to compete with her reign in recent years but none so far have dethrone her. She may be known for her spotless coasts but there are actually more to Bantayan for tourists and travelers alike. I will try to cover in this post everything you need to know about the island and some tips to boost your stay.

There are so many beautiful natural locations and things to venture in this world, among them, the waterfall. It seems people are naturally drawn to water, falling from soaring cliffs or dropping in short bursts among a river’s edge. It could be on a local hike or traveling to an exotic location, many will trek miles to get an uncanny view of a majestic waterfall. Nothing compares standing at the base of a waterfall, with the spray in your skin and the deafening roar in your ears. Trying to find a waterfall can be an adventure in itself and when you arrive there you are rewarded with an majestic beauty of nature. Cebu happens to be blessed with this nature's marvel and I will try to cover all of them. Keep coming back here as I will try to publish new waterfall as often as I can and a guide on how to get there. I will try to alternate the content from famous waterfalls to a less known ones. Cheers to all waterfall chasers out there! 

Bohol is synonymous to chocolate hills, pristine beaches, tarsiers, virgin forests, rewarding river cruise and near infinite wealth of century old churches but make no mistake if you think that is all there is to see in this island province. Herein lies majestic waterfalls and infamous rice terraces that Cordillera is known for and these are no lesser replica of the said wonder but just as equally grand. What made it even more exciting is they can all be found in the small municipality of Candijay and easily wandered in half a day trip.

Kalanggaman Island is getting all the attention as a top summer island getaway in recent years. The island has everything you ever dreamed of an ideal island vacation. The pristine shores, cerulean sky and the invigorating water. We already have that vivid picture in our mind of what this tropical island paradise can offer us but there are so many other details of Kalanggaman Island that a picture cannot convey. This is what this blog post offers you  an insight of the 10 best kept secrets of Kalanggaman Island.       

In my years of solo travel in faraway provinces and remote areas I never had any unexplained encounter until that trip happened a few years ago in Lake Sebu. My idea for supernatural things are purely fictional and love the creativity told about them until that day. I never told anyone this story because it didn't make any sense and have no proof whatsoever of what happen on that night. Lakes got really creepy after this experience and I never go near them alone anymore.

There is no argument that Cebu is surely blessed with alluring islands that meet anyone's expectation and might even exceed it. Bantayan, Sumilon, Malapascua, Gibitngil to name a few but none as diverse as the island group of Camotes. Blessed with an awe inspiring lake, stunning caves, magnificent waterfalls and those unspoiled white beaches that mostly lured tourists in. This wasn't always my top choice to recommend in Cebu but all that changed during my visit last weekend. 
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