An island so idyllic that is a wonder why not a lot tourists explored her natural beauty. Carabao island or locally known as Hambil island is known as the sister island of Boracay because they share that powdery quality of white sand. If you delve deeper though the comparison surely ends because the island has so much more to offer. Hambil island has that rare pink beach, underwater caves, uncanny rocky terrain, bio-diverse marine life and some bat caverns. So let me take you in a visual tour to the island through this blog.


Hambil Island ( famously known as Carabao Island ) is an island paradise known for its unspoiled coastlines and the powdery quality of white sands reminiscent to Boracay minus the party hungry crowd. There's that famous curved coconut tree which sells the signature look of the island to the international scene and getting a picture up there is no easy feat. You need to have good climbing & balancing skills and no fear of height whatsoever to feel perfectly at ease to convey such pose. This blog isn't a travel guide about Carabao island but all about capturing a picture perfect photo of yourself up in that coconut tree. 

Specialty : Waterfall Chasing, Spelunking, Trail Making

There are so many beautiful natural locations and things to venture in this world, among them, the waterfall. It seems people are naturally drawn to water, falling from soaring cliffs or dropping in short bursts among a river’s edge. It could be on a local hike or traveling to an exotic location, many will trek miles to get an uncanny view of a majestic waterfall. Nothing compares standing at the base of a waterfall, with the spray in your skin and the deafening roar in your ears. Trying to find a waterfall can be an adventure in itself and when you arrive there you are rewarded with an majestic beauty of nature. Cebu happens to be blessed with this nature's marvel and I will try to cover all of them. Keep coming back here as I will try to publish new waterfall as often as I can and a guide on how to get there. I will try to alternate the content from famous waterfalls to a less known ones. Cheers to all waterfall chasers out there! 

Let's face it our mobile dependency has evolved from what was once just a means for communication now monopolizes the entertainment and information industry. As a travel blogger, I consider my mobile phone as an indispensable companion to help ease the challenges and heighten the experience in travel. I will leave out the most common social media app such as Instagram & Twitter because they have created a niche in our daily lives which made them indispensable in their own right. Here are my top 10 *not in any order by greatness* free travel apps in both iOS and Android. 

One of my favorite destination in Cebu is the southern part because it is teeming with unspoiled spots that are both famous and lesser known to a regular tourist. Alegria stands out as a haven for adventure of the undiscovered wonders hidden from the abusive hands of some tourists. The municipality may not have stunning beaches but it makes up by awakening that adventurous heart of yours through an assortment of experience from spelunking the awe-inspiring caves of Cambusay & Salay, chasing the many grand waterfalls hidden in their mountains such as Cambais, Kawa Kawa, Montpeller, Cancalanog and Kitara. And it is one of the only two destination in the province which offers canyoneering.

Undeniably, Kalanggaman Island is getting all the attention for a top summer island getaway in Philippines in the recent years. The island has everything you ever dreamed of an ideal island vacation you've always wanted. The pristine shores, cerulean sky and the invigorating water. We already have that picture in our mind of what the island can offer us but there are so many other details of Kalanggaman Island that one picture cannot convey. And this what this blog is for to offer you an insight of the 10 best kept secrets of Kalanggaman Island.       

Do you fancy going in a challenging mountain trek, spelunking and rappelling in a cave, camping atop a wildlife reserve mountain, kayaking & SUP-ing towards a marine reserve and a sumptuous breakfast in a floating cottage? If you do then I know the perfect place for you who offers all of these for only Php 500.00 per pax. I know it sounds tempting they also throw in a free tshirt, certificate and a little badge of Palompon. This is an experience you shouldn't miss when you're visiting Kalanggaman Island.I was fortunate enough to be one of the first group to try it first hand and I must say for its price it is pretty much a give away!

I've been here so many times and I love bringing people in this island because I couldn't get enough of it. Not because of its beaches it is not that stunning I for one don't like the quality of the sand but maybe for its accessibility and the wildlife reservation going on in the island. It is brimming with so much diversity of wildlife from the migratory birds that is from all over the world who made this island as temporary habitat to the marine life which flourish with our help due to the different wildlife reserves in the island. I am a bit worried though due to the increasing number of human inhabitants populating the island because there are areas damaged by our ways. Let me take you on a visual tour in what to expect from Olango island.


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